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взрыв in English:

1. explosion explosion

He was alarmed by the explosion.
The explosion frightened the villagers.
Last night an explosion took place at a fireworks factory.
The possibility that the explosion was caused by carelessness cannot be ruled out.
The explosion of the space shuttle is still fresh in my memory.
Experts have failed to come up with an explanation of why the explosion happened.
Tom apologized to the families of the victims for the explosion at the factory.
We heard the explosion and saw the house burst into flames.
The population explosion is a serious problem.
Such was the explosion that the roof was blown off.
I'm sure his chemistry teacher would have failed him had they survived the tragic explosion.
There was an explosion, and before anyone could say Jack Robinson, the airplane burst into flame and fell.
The reporter covered the gas explosion in Shibuya.
Aren't you afraid of an explosion?
Throughout the aftermath of the explosion, Jason's easiness unsettled the survivors.