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grade in English:

1. grid grid

a global grid
The energy passes through underground cables to the network substations and the to the national grid.
A ​metal grid had been ​placed over the ​hole to ​prevent ​people from ​falling in.
I'm off the grid without being off the grid.
The ventilation shaft was sealed with a grid
This operation could overload the entire power grid.
She bought a piece of cloth with a grid pattern on it.
Windows are sealed with a grid
The National Grid. The costs of connecting offshore wind installations to the main electricity grid.
These guys are all connected on the grid.
Solar storms next year could prove disastrous for the electrical grid.

2. grating grating

Something is grating on her nerves.
In order to read all the signs describing the timeline of sewer construction, visitors have to stand on a metal grating over an active sewer channel; this arrangement serves to keep traffic moving at a lively pace.