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decisivo in English:

1. decisive decisive

Do you know anybody who is very decisive?
The result of the vote was very decisive: the Liberal candidate had won with a 75% majority.
decisive man
Are you a decisive person? Decide now!
Today's game will be a crucial battle; the result will be decisive.
Prime Minister, this is a decisive period in international politics.
I don't like going shopping with her because she is indecisive
The archers played a decisive part in the victory
Winston Churchill's decisive policies rallied the country round him at a difficult and dangerous time
A leader should be confident and decisive.
We must take decisive action to solve this problem.
Victor Horta had a decisive impact on architecture in Belgium.
The teacher went over the classroom rules in a clear and decisive manner.
Julia makes up her mind quickly. She’s very decisive.
The project was plagued by uncertainties from the very beginning, and the team could not draw any decisive conclusions.