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wychowawca in English:

1. form teacher

English word "wychowawca"(form teacher) occurs in sets:

rodzaje szkół, pomieszczenia, osoby
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school poziom rozszerzony LONGMAN
z tej fajnej książki zielonej
People in a school słownictwo angielski

2. form tutor

English word "wychowawca"(form tutor) occurs in sets:

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School life / Życie szkolne
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3. tutor

I hired a private tutor to help me with math homework.
She has a private tutor.
Many parents hire tutors for their children.
As I am not good at math, I hope my parents will allow me to have a private tutor.
My tutor scolded me for my stupid behavior.
Course tutors usually run seminars.
What were your tutors like at uni?
My brother has a private tutor to help him improve his
She has a private tutor. (Ona ma prywatnego korepetytora.) I worked as a tutor for many years. (Przez wiele lat udzielałem korepetycji.)
His tutor encouraged him to read widely in philosophy.
The boy had some trouble at school so his parents hired a private tutor.
We are having a meeting with our tutor this afternoon to discuss last week’s lecture.
The tutor instructed his students to hand in their university term papers to him by the end of the month.
My tutor says I must attend all seminars if I won't to fail.
A tutor gives me English lessons at home twice a week.

English word "wychowawca"(tutor) occurs in sets:

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4. from teacher

English word "wychowawca"(from teacher) occurs in sets:

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5. educator

He's a wonderful educator.
I have very fond memories of my kindergarten educators

6. form master

English word "wychowawca"(form master) occurs in sets:


7. class tutor

English word "wychowawca"(class tutor) occurs in sets:

słówka z testu próbnego 3,4
nauka w szkole