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warzywniak in English:

1. greengrocer's greengrocer's

You can buy watermelons and pineapples in the local greengrocer's.
I bought some fruit at the greengrocer's.
You can buy fresh fruit at the greengrocer's
I always buy vegetables and fruit in greengrocer's.
We need fresh cucumbers from the greengrocer's.
I bought these carrots in greengrocer's.
That's the greengrocer's that sells te best cucumbers in Radom.
Go to the greengrocer's and buy some cucumber's.
I met him outside the greengrocer's.

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2. greengrocer greengrocer

Go to the greengrocer's and get some cucumbers.
I bought tomatoes in greengrocer
I built up some debts at the rice seller and at the greengrocer.

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3. fruit and veg shop fruit and veg shop

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4. grocery grocery

Imagine living hundreds of miles from your nearest neighbor or grocery store and having mail delivered twice a year.
They sell carrots at the grocery store.
You can always find baked goods somewhere on my grocery list.
I go grocery shopping every morning.
Our grocery bill soared last month because of higher vegetable prices.
Growing up, he worked in his father's grocery after school.
The nearest grocery store is on the corner.
The funds are not sufficient for running a grocery.
I am in the grocery line.
Nutella is not very well known in Japan. However, in America and Europe it's a popular spread and various sized jars of Nutella may be seen lined up inside many grocery stores and supermarkets.
His acquaintance runs a grocery in the country.
Mark buys olives and a pie in the local grocery.
It started in the grocery business because shops were charging too much for food.
I've bought milk at the grocery.
Her grandfather extrapolated an isolated incident at a grocery store into a series of sweeping, unflattering generalizations about every Mexican on earth.

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