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rozmowny in English:

1. talkative talkative

Although she is sometimes too talkative, I like listening to her.
The more excited he got, the less talkative he became.
He's a nice sort of person, but not very talkative.
Japanese, be talkative!
1. Mr. Miller, you seem quite talkative this morning. / 2. And again you're not so talkative. / 3. You're real talkative now that you want our help.
Our new classmate, Harry, is very talkative. The teacher always has to tell him to be quiet!
Jim had always been too talkative for his own good
Anthony is talkative but he doesn’t really listen.
the talkative driver hadn’t stopped chatting
Inga loves telling stories and chatting. She feels miserable if she hast to be quiet for more than a couple of minutes. She's talkative.
Girls are more talkative than boys.
/ˈtɔː.kə.tɪv/ She's a ​lively, talkative ​person.
She’s very talkative, unlike her brother, who hardly says a word.
tending to enjoy having conversations with people. Example: She is very talkative and likes to talk about everything.
A talkative person is always letting the cat out of the bag and jeopardizing the interests of others.

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2. communicative

Lew was a very communicative chap.
With text we mean any communicative situation of significant length.

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3. chatty

My mother-in-law is chatty, she talks a lot.
Who's that chatty boy you were talking to?
She was very chatty on the telephone.
He wasn't exactly chatty, but there was something a bit exciting about him.
I'm usually very chatty but I can't talk today because I've got a sore throat.
He was in an unusually chatty mood.
Sometimes I can't stand company of chatty persons

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