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podkreślać in English:

1. emphasise emphasise

The biologist emphasised how concerned he was by banging his hand on the table.

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2. underline

Please, underline verbs.
There is so far no indication that any Poles were among the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Marcin Wojciechowski underlines.
You should underline the crucial characteristics of the products.

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3. underscore

underscore a common concern about the GDP by citing a critic.
The errors underscore tensions that are heightened by North Korea’s nuclear program, and a debate over how best to confront it, including today at a U.S.-Canadian summit.

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4. highlight

The highlight of my visit to Paris was dining at the Richelieu.
the highlight of the day
are they showing the match life or just recorded highlights?
Definition the highlights of an event or experience are the best and most exciting or interesting aspects of it
The Singular Value Decomposition is a highlight of linear algebra.
sports highlights
The highlight of this museum is Imelda Marcos's massive shoe collection.
The report highlights the need for improved safety.
highlight corruption
I've highlighted the bits I need to remember for the exam.
He highlighted the importance of the project.
if you highlight something, you talk or write about it in a way that draws special attention to it because you think it is an important part of what you are saying
I would like to highlight three main points in the reports that we are discussing.
Your resume should highlight your skills and achievements.
That weekend in Venice was definitely the highlight of our trip

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5. accentuate

Make up to accentuate the eyes
Developing an awareness of how emotions can influence behaviour will allow you to accentuate similarities between yourself and other people.

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6. stress

Stress can have an enormous negative impact on your health.
I think there are many who binge eat from stress.
If you stop and relax, this will relieve the tension and stress in your shoulders.
In Polish language stress is usually put on a last but one syllable. The native speaker of Chinese told me that I stress the words correctly.
stressing importance
Since women are taking on more responsibilities at work and in the community, it is said that the number of women with stress from both child-rearing and work is increasing.
The methods used to overcome stress are different for men and women: drinking is the major method used by men, while women deal with stress by chatting.
When you're about to have exams, lifting weights really does relieve stress, and it's also good for your mind and body.
It has happened that people sleeping with the fan on have experienced a freezing of the stomach, as well as a local air pressure stress leading them to feel unwell.
The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.
November 23rd is Labor Thanksgiving Day, which was established as a national holiday to stress the importance of labor in people's minds.
I would like to stress that it is more convenient to control tariffs as a bloc rather than country by country.
I will stress it again - only applications submitted on time will be considered.
Everybody experiences stress sometimes.
Sometimes, many problems and a lot of stress can lead you to quit your job. You must learn how to handle it quickly.

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