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nagroda in English:

1. award

The awards ceremony is on February 20.
His new movie earned him an Academy Award.
She received the award
Bill was singled out for a special award.
The "People's Choice" award, by public polling, was announced again this year and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were selected as the most popular male, and female, film actors.
Mary received an award for her composition called "Secret love".
Despite criticism, the award procedure will not change.
Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
Twenty-year old Mandy was presented with an award by Princess Diana for her bravery and presence of mind during a horrific road accident last year.
We also try to see the films which have been given awards.
The prize is awarded annually.
I was awarded a $60,000 in damages at tribunal today.
They will award the title to the winner of the race.
I would like to get award in singing category.
He received an award of 10,000 pounds in compensation for his injuries.

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2. prize

She deserved the prize.
After winning the Nobel prize, she remained as modest as ever.
Dr. Yukawa, the Nobel prize winner, died in 1981.
A prize was given in honor of the great scientist.
Mother Teresa used the prize money for her work in India and around the world.
I didn't win, but at least I got a consolation prize.
We are pleased to announce you that you have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
Racing car drivers aren't just in it for the prize money but also for the thrill of racing.
The losers received a "prize" too: They were beaten up by the winning team!
Eugene will get the Ig Noble prize for his contribution to literature.
to win a prize- zdobyć, wygrać nagrodę first/second prize
The prize in this quiz show is one million pounds.
prize = value highly
You have just won a prize of $5000 in a California state safety competition for proper use of your seatbelt.
I would like to excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa Prize.

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3. reward

Let's split the reward fifty-fifty.
Every effort deserves a reward.
I'm patching things up for your mistake so it's only natural that I get a reward appropriate to my labours.
I am against using death as a punishment. I am also against using it as a reward.
The reward is dependent on your success.
Nor should we reward the refugees with refugee status or permanent residence.
For every £100 you spend with your card, we will give you five reward points.
Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don't you?
For most people, getting a better job is reward enough.
We will encourage and reward innovation and entrepreneurship.
When you are training a dog, give it a reward when it is obedient and it will learn quickly.
I find my work rewarding
Our employer rewards good performance.
1) something good that you get or experience because you have worked hard, behaved well, etc 2) When I was a child, my mother would always reward me with a chocolate.
This is definitely, 'The good you do for others is good you do yourself'! It's a reward because I was helpful!

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4. prise

However, I managed to prise my one good eye open.

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5. bounty

The sheriff put a bounty on Billy the Kid's head.
Tom always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter.
City ​officials ​offered a bounty for his ​capture. a bounty of ​food
A bounty hunter must exterminate intelligent androids.
A bounty of $10,000 has been offered for the capture of his murderer.

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6. premium

He received a premium for his hard work.
Because of your high-risk job, you'll no doubt have to pay a premium for health insurance.
You have to pay premium in regular time intervals.
I only buy premium cheese, I don't like the taste of the cheap products.
The insurance company offers attractive premiums.
You pay 10,000 yen a month as an insurance premium.
How much is the premium?
Imogen of the Internet is fighting six bored housewives to win an eBay auction for a bag of premium chai tea.

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