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1. fog

Weather – Basic Polish Vocabulary

2. mist

Simply open them and they will show you the mist.
The mist from the sea was so thick I couldn’t see anything.
[noun] - thin fog produced by very small drops of water gathering in the air just above the surface of the earth or water
the mist cleared and the sun began to shine.

3. vapour

He inhaled its vapour for a minute.
I thought they were OK because they produce vapour – that's water in the form of gas – rather than the smoke full of harmful chemicals that you get in ordinary cigarettes.
Inhalation vapour, liquid

4. haze

I have only a hazy idea about driving a car
That's the drunken haze just clouding your memory.
The red sun was rising beghind the sky's usual haze of blackish clouds
a heat haze; a haze of smoke; an alcoholic haze; a haze of pain
ködfátyol (hőség okozta)

5. foggy

The weather is foggy today.
The weather is foggy today. His mind was still foggy. It's foggy today.
There is such a fog that I can't see home.
a foggy day in November
not clear because of fog