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kumpel in English:

1. mate mate

a plumber’s mate
Nicola’s not my girlfriend – she’s just a mate.
Where is the mate to this sock?
We've been mates since our school days.
Alright mate! What's up?
I’m going out with my mates tonight.
We can conjecture that it may be advantageous for a particular bird to be known to its neighbors or its mate.
My uncommonly well-made sneaker lasted 5 years. Its mate did not.
What can I get for you mate?
successful males may mate with many females
Some of my classmate are now my workmates. A flatmate
Domestic animals shouldn't mate with the wild ones.
The two classmates maintained their friendship for the next forty years.
A male bird usually has brighter feathers to attract a mate.
Christopher Columbus was notorious for repeatedly snoozing his alarm clock by hitting it with his fist. Unfortunately, his "alarm clock" was usually his first mate.

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2. pal pal

She writes to her pen pal in London twice a month
We've been good pals since childhood. Our friendship has lasted twenty years.
I have been corresponding with a pen pal in the USA for a year.
Jiro communicates with his pen pal in Australia.
there are some parents who feel that they should be their children's friends or pals to build a close relationship with them
I would like to be your pen pal.
I halved the money with my pal.
Pal, you're a pussy.
He's an old pal of mine.
Well you just got yourself a new pal.
The definition of a pal is a close friend.
Lay off him! He's my pal.
"I told you, pal, it's private property,
be a pal
Where's your pal?

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3. buddy buddy

He's my buddy!
If you buddy up to everybody and anybody, pretty soon people will think you're just a people-pleaser.
Martensson and his buddy
be their buddy
The "buddy system" is a way to stay safe while hiking in the woods, except when encountering pregnant bears, which eat for two or even three or four.

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4. chum

Now I feel like a chum for trying to help you guys out.
They are old chums

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