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komórka in English:

1. cell cell

My cell phone doesn't work.
English studies on the use of cell phones by young people show truly worrying situations, in which a person between the ages of six and twenty sends an average of twenty nine messages, receives fifteen, and makes nine calls each day.
The Internet, cell phones, or digitization... What effects will the technological evolution have on people's opinions, behavior, and political interests?
Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."
Every person in this community is like a cell in the immune system of a healthy human body.
Brightening the display on most cell phones reduces their battery life significantly.
Governments, in order to teach how to enjoy cell phones without being controlled by them, have established behavior rules that limit their use in public places, such as in churches, in schools, or during tests.
You can see cells if you use a microscope.
Why is it so difficult to establish that the nervous cell is the basic unit for the nervous tissue?
A nerve cell responds to a slight stimulus.
Remember to enter the data into the right cells when working on the Excel spreadsheet.
‘Good stress’ can aid proteins that repair cells.
The cells began to divide rapidly.
A cell is the smallest independent living unit.
On our first date he popped out his cell phone and started texting someone. I couldn't believe it!

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2. mobile Phone

Call me on my mobile phone.
My mobile phone is big.
My mobile phone needs recharging.
Is this your mobile phone?
It's my mobile phone.
Has he got a mobile phone?
I listen to music on my mobile phone, but my sister prefers an MP3 player.
Have you got your mobile phone with you?
A mobile phone, known as a cell phone in North America, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area

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3. mobile

The emergence of mobile phones as a major communication device surprised many.
My mobile has been stolen.
mobile phone
I wonder what effect technical advances such as the Internet, mobile phones and digitalization technology have on the people's awareness, actions and interest in politics.
On Jul 18th Mark/Space released an updated version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for the Mac OS X.
He's always losing his mobile.
Instead of interacting with each other, each of the family members turned their attention to their mobile devices, engrossing themselves in their own entertainments.
The invention of the mobile phone took place in the seventies, and it became accessible to all in the eighties and nineties.
Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University invented a telenoid which could replace mobile phones in the future.
His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.
It seems that the credit for my prepaid mobile phone account has run out.
The woman in a red dress ignored the black-clothed man and called a friend on her mobile.
Around half of middle-school students in Japan have mobile phones, but if you look at those in high school then 97% have them.
In France, advertising of mobile phones directed at children 12 and under is prohibited.
Even making an international phone call from a mobile, if it's Mobila then you can do it for 20 Yen per minute.

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4. storage

Please ask the secretary to stock the office supplies in the storage room.
They said storage costs were too high.
This room is used for storage.
Clients' data are storaged for some time.
Our company sells various kinds of data storage devices, so you'll surely find something for yourself.
It is very important that you address all the clients concerns and questions when presenting your ideas and offer the client practical and affordable solutions for example to create adequate and clever storage solutions.
Have you ever run out of storage on a phone or computer?

5. phone

I'll phone you.
Can I make a credit card call on this public phone?
Please don't look at your mobile phone while we're eating.
Instead of waiting for a contract, we can handle it over the phone.
A bystander videotaped the police beating using their cell phone.
The phone number for the Thursday evening phone conference is 415-904-8873.
I'm e-mailing to follow up on our phone conversation this morning.
If anyone should phone, say I'll be back at one o'clock.
Have you seen my cell phone? "It's on the table."
Tom used to always wear a watch, but now he just looks at his smart phone.
When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.
Just when I was about to phone her, a letter arrived from her.
My phone has a caller ID that lets me screen my calls.
The silence in the library was disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone.
No matter where you may travel, be sure to phone me once a week.