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kaloryfer in English:

1. radiator radiator

Could you turn up the radiator?
Should you start your car engine if the radiator doesn't work?
I need a new radiator.

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2. heater heater

This heater burns gas.
Tom can fix the heater.
Something is wrong with our electric heater.
Our electric heater does not work well.
Since this heater seems to be out of order, I'll have him repair it.
Our dorm's having heater problems.
He went out with the heater on.
Don't put the wallet on the top of the heater.
An insulated soft-wood room and a good heater are the absolute necessities for a sauna.
When the heater in the barn fails, milk-flavoured ice cubes this entails.
Don't let the cops find a heater on you.
I'm not using my home heater today.
I warned little Mary to leave the kerosene heater alone.
The heater takes a long time to have any effect.
When we grow old, we wake up every morning with the feeling that the heater is not turned on.

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