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informatyk in English:

1. IT specialist IT specialist

I have two IT specialists in my family.

English word "informatyk"(IT specialist) occurs in sets:

Jobs, Oxford Excellence Matura Builder
praca longman repetytorium maturalne
Longman 2015 poziom podstawowy praca
Longman 4. Praca cz. 1
Dział praca (podręcznik destini)

2. computer scientist computer scientist

English word "informatyk"(computer scientist) occurs in sets:

3.1.1 work and qualifications
work and qualifications 2
[12] VB: Science and technology
Longman, repetytorium, Unit 1

3. computer programmer

Mark Zuckerberg, the American computer programmer and inventor of Facebook
he told me he was a computer programmer
A computer programmer needs special qualifications.
Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer.
the American computer programmer and inventor of Facebook

English word "informatyk"(computer programmer) occurs in sets:

Słownictwo maturalne PRACA
science and scientist
zawody po angielsku

4. computer technician

English word "informatyk"(computer technician) occurs in sets:

Czasowniki Unit 1.
Tosia powtórka
Unit 2 - zawody

5. IT

It is raining.
If we can just make it through one more month, we'll be sitting pretty.
It already faced a strong fight against the European Allies.
How much is this handkerchief? "It is ninety-five cents."
Never choose a vocation just because it is popular or sounds interesting.
He soon grows tired of a thing regardless of how much he liked it to begin with.
If it had not been for antibiotics, medicine would not have made such remarkable progress.
The bill was passed by a majority, although the Socialist Party was strongly opposed to it.
Give me something to write with. "Will this do?" "Yes, it will do."
I don't mind lending you the money provided you pay it back within a month.
I think we'll make it in time if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam.
There was something written on the stone, and they tried to make out what it was.
The iPad would be a perfect solution for me if it could properly display web pages with Flash content.
It's not as difficult to find a native speaker to help you with your language studies as it used to be.
Even though my friend was a vegetarian, I didn't tell him that the soup had some meat in it.

English word "informatyk"(IT) occurs in sets:

moje słowka dodatkowe

6. IT worker

English word "informatyk"(IT worker) occurs in sets:

1/1 słownictwo ogólne
ang grudzień 2

7. computer science

The university has an online computer science course.
He would like to study computer science.

English word "informatyk"(computer science) occurs in sets:

nauka i technologia
Science and technology