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żołądek in English:

1. stomach stomach

My stomach started growling right there in the meeting. It was embarrassing.
When your stomach is busy, digesting a big meal your brain takes a vacation.
Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health.
Tom has a cast iron stomach. He can eat just about anything.
He became bad-tempered, continually criticized his wife's cooking and complained of a pain in his stomach.
I was just wondering how it would feel to be punched in the stomach.
stomach ache
After lying down for a short while, my stomach ache calmed down.
It has happened that people sleeping with the fan on have experienced a freezing of the stomach, as well as a local air pressure stress leading them to feel unwell.
Give me food for thought, and I will find food for my stomach!
I've got a bad stomach – it must be that seafood from last night!
I have a stomach ache, I shouldn`t have eaten this much chocolate.
There are so many people in the world who are incapable of outgrowing the level of their stomach!
Tomatoes are good for people who suffer stomach pain from excess stomach acid when their stomach is empty.
Your stomach won't be full from promises.

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2. stomachful stomachful

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3. maw maw

He felt the maw heavy and slippery in his hands and he slit it open.

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