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verbleken in English:

1. fade fade

Her beauty will fade in time.
The color won't fade.
Over time, memories can fade or disappear.
The picture began to fade suddenly.
Flowers soon fade when they have been cut.
Some people are easy to remember, but others sort of fade into the background.
Marie’s smile slowly faded.
The advantages of writing in ink instatead of in pencil are that ink does not fade as pencil does.
With time, memories of that painful summer would fade away. The music began to fade. The walls had been faded by the sun.
My favourite black dress has faded.
If you ​hang ​your ​clothes out in the ​bright ​sun, they will fade.
The person becoming reliant on computers; because they are not exercising their own talents, those talents begin to fade.
It gradually becomes thinner and fades into space.
He stood over her, watching the life fade from her eyes.
Today, however, many of them hope the issue will quickly fade