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oplossen in English:

1. solve solve

Solve the problem.
This problem is hard to solve. So you had better begin with that one.
We use computers to solve problems and to put information in order.
This problem is an equality of k so we first solve the assigned equation for k.
One American scientist, William Keeton, used a very interesting experiment to solve this mystery.
If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of the things over which you have no control.
Artificial neural networks can be used to understand biological neural networks, or to solve problems of artificial intelligence, without necessarily creating models of real biological systems.
There's no way to convince him. He absolutely insists that the only way to solve the problem is his way.
Solve the mystery lurking behind the murder!
If an oversight is the reason why you have not paid, please send us the amount due, and let us solve the problem immediately.
Visualization, a favorite tool of the psychologist, cannot solve all problems, but many so-called positive thinkers seem to think that it can.
There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can't solve every problem.
Since it is you, I have confidence you can solve it.
There are problems that Japan might not be able to solve independently but which it might be able to solve in cooperation with Korea.
The Bible, as a revelation from God, was not designed to give us all the information we might desire, nor to solve all the questions about which the human soul is perplexed, but to impart enough to be a safe guide to the haven of eternal rest.

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2. dissolve

The company was dissolved following the bankruptcy order.
A and B wish to dissolve their marriage
Salt dissolves in water.
Sugar will dissolve in a glass of water quickly.
King Charles II dissolved the parliament in July 1679.
I couldn't swallow this tablet. It was too big. I dissolved it in half a glass of water.
The business was unsuccessful and the partners dissolved the partnership last year.
Islam gives women equal rights to dissolve a marriage
Dissolve two ​spoons of ​powder in ​warm ​water. Parliament has been dissolved. They ​decided to dissolve the ​partnership.
dissolve this tablet in a glass of cold water
a society without gossip would simply dissolve
How long does sugar take to dissolve in coffee? Sugar takes only a matter of a few seconds to dissolve in coffee.
to dissolve Parliament
to dissolve a contract, a partnership
That mother fokker have dissolved my face with a bottle of acid.

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