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misselijkheid in English:

1. nausea nausea

I experience nausea when I go on too many rides.
nauseous (adj) nauseate(v)
She's pregnant and because of it, she has a nausea.
Many of these people have decided to live in the town to get relief from their condition, which causes severe headaches, nausea, pain and heart problems.
The sea voyage gave him a feeling of nausea.
She didn't feel anything except nausea.
feeling/wave of nausea
I had nausea on the same mind about my job
Gradually the feeling of nausea passed, and she was able to stand comfortably
nausea will pass, will leave you
Cancer patients often have to deal with debilitating bouts of nausea.

2. sickness sickness

Fever indicates sickness.
Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.
No matter how bad it gets, she won't die of that kind of sickness.
Eating too much may lead to sickness.
His sickness made it impossible for him to continue his study.
Health is not valued until sickness comes.
After her sickness, she's only a shadow of her former self.
Love is a sickness full of woes, All remedies refusing.
It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.
The standard supplementary symptoms are a headache, sore throat, temperature, sickness, achiness and a cough.
Well, you know, morning sickness is a good sign.
symptoms include sickness and diarrhoea
He hasn’t felt well for weeks. He must have some kind of sickness.