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met opzet in English:

1. on purpose on purpose

playYou know I would never hurt you on purpose
Did y'all smack me into that mountain on purpose?
You make it sound as if I did it on purpose!
I edition purpose
It hurts more if you believe somebody is doing it to you on purpose
I bet you he left his report card here on purpose so we would compliment him on his grades. I don't understand—why would you run into the bumper of another car on purpose?
I didn't do it on purpose - it was an accident.
I spilled my drink on purpose -- I needed an excuse to leave the room.
I'm sorry. I didn't hurt you on purpose.
The youth explained that it was an accident; he hadn't broken the window on purpose.
Do you think that loopholes are created on purpose?
You've done that on purpose! You spoilt brat!
I am sure you did it on purpose. You just wanted to annoy me.
That wasn"t an accident!!! You did it on purpose.
I think you did this on purpose.