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keuze in English:

1. option option

The airline gives her the option of choosing a seat.
An option is now under consideration.
I am in favor of the option.
A cheaper option isto get there by bus.
The shipyard sold 3 ships with an option on another 4.
What are my options?
4-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.
In the U.S., you have the option, when you enter a restaurant, to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section.
This is a convenient option.
Are you sure this is the best option?
You have the option of varying your monthly payments.
Making a choice consists in choosing one out of several different options.
Why should you consider all the options before quitting your job?
We have three different options for financing the house.
For example, we lack the option "only with this group of words".

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