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ingrediënt in English:

1. ingredient ingredient

Have you got all the necessary ingredients for the cake?
Flour is the main ingredient in cakes.
To make a cake we need a few ingredients.
Mix all the ingredients together
I will never tell you my secret ingredient.
The product’s ingredients are on the label.
Sugar is an ingredient of most desserts.
Our products contain only natural ingredients. The food is home cooked using fresh ingredients.
And above all, you`ll love having a good time - the ingredient that makes a Krispy Kreme moment so magical.
There is a list of all ingredients for this meal.
Coconut is a basic ingredient for many curries.
If you don’t use all the ingredients, the soup won’t taste the same.
Combine topping ingredients in a small bowl.
Investment in new product development is an essential ingredient of corporate success.
Salt is an indispensable ingredient for cooking.