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handtas in English:

1. handbag handbag

In my handbag there are tens of personal items.
My mother has a black handbag.
Mary claimed that the handbag had been a present from her husband.
The boy stole money from his mother's handbag.
She lost her handbag.
The man robbed her of her handbag.
She bought a handbag, but she lost it the next day.
Whose handbag is this?
This is the handbag I bought in Italy.
The thief made off with the woman's handbag.
I'll return to get my handbag.
Where is my handbag
She had it in her handbag. She came out holding her handbag. There was a notebook in her handbag.
My handbag is handmade.
She was robbed of the handbag that she had bought last week.