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handdoek in English:

1. towel towel

If that mafia guy weren't staring at us, I'd take off my towel.
My bath towel was wet, so it was of no use.
My dog ate a paper towel. I wonder if he'll get sick.
My towel is wet.
Take your towel.
No matter what I'm going to the beach! Towel and trunks. Insect repellant!
He threw in the towel in defeat when his favorite chorus girl married another man.
Just where are you, Dima?! Al-Sayib asked, getting a towel to wipe the spilled Fanta.
The towel counted for nothing.
The manager threw in the towel in defeat and planned how to win the next game.
Use a towel to wipe yourself after having a bath.
I would like to take a shower but I don't know where are the towels.
Can I borrow a towel for the shower?
Yuki always uses two towels when she showers: one for her body, and one for her hair.
Preben handed me a towel to dry myselff off.

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