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gedenkwaardig in English:

1. memorable

Yesterday's concert was a memorable event.
Dreams may be vivid and memorable.
And soon after I procured Xenophon's Memorable Things of Socrates, in which there are many instances of the same method.
That'll make for a memorable time.
The event was really memorable. I’ll never forget it.
my holiday was memorable
What was your most memorable moment on your life?
We want to make this a truly memorable day for the children.
The lavish production makes this musical truly memorable.
Ensure your event is memorable.
memorable experience
Annette’s performance as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion was truly memorable.
I haven't seen them since that memorable evening when the boat capsized.
This word will be more memorable if you see a picture.
The romantic evening cruise will be a memorable experience.

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