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commissie in English:

1. Commission Commission

a commission to design the new parliament building
A commission!
This building was commissioned in 2015.
He gave me 100 dollars and called it commission
A commission meets about a defined subject.
Banks are taking commission close to each transaction.
She's just got a commission to ​paint ​Sir Ellis Pike's ​wife.
In return, the employers offer good, sometimes negotiable salaries, good working conditions, longer holidays and additional leaves at bank holidays, discounts of various kinds, commissions, lunch vouchers, annual bonuses or travel schemes for commuters.
They set up a special parliamentary commission.
commission of crime, offence
Two significant works of art were commissioned for the center
Most salesmen earn commission besides basic salary.
The commission's investigations were essentially at a deas end.
It would be unwise to commission this responsibility to the entity itself.
Elsie de Wolfe, an American actress, decorator and author, received the first formal commission to decorate The Colony Club in 1905.