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aanwijzing in English:

1. pointer

Our pointer took off after a big deer.
The compass pointer always seeks north.

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2. indication

Helen's face gave no indication of what she was thinking.
The indication says that you should use this medicine once a day.
The test results are an indication of my skills.
This manuscript is an indication of how people lived in ancient times.
indication of epilepsy
Mario promised us to try to follow the indications of the doctor.
There is every indication that
Another indication of a safe website is its address.
There were no indications of wounded or dead among his team, either.
There are few indications that the economy is on the upswing.
His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.

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3. clue

I haven't got a clue as to why he quit so suddenly.
give me a clue.
So far, the police have only a few clues to work with
I'm never going to guess the answer if you don't give me a clue.
He published his autobiography with contained clues about...
the footprint in the garden was a big clue
This may give everyone a bit of a clue to the subject of today's story
The habits of highly intelligent people offer a clue as to how to do that.
Personality clues are conveyed in the music’s tempo.
Toxic waste, I guess, is the key clue to that one.
The definition of a clue is something that helps solve a problem or mystery. An example of a clue is telling someone they're getting warmer when looking for a hidden gift.
Agatha Christie’s detective character Hercule Poirot was excellent at following up clues.
Fingerprints were an important clue in this case.
Mike offered me some helpful clues.
Even if he has a clue, he won't let you know it.

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