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trūksta in English:

1. missing

What's missing?
He attended the high school for three years without missing a single day or being late.
I hate it when I work late and end up missing an episode of a show I'm following.
The boy who had been missing was identified by his clothes.
This dictionary, of which the third volume is missing, cost me a hundred dollars.
If a triangle has two right angles, it's a square missing one side.
I know how piggy feels, He starves without missing a meal.
Missing for years, the document miraculously came to light the other day.
If you're missing the forest for the trees then you're failing to see the big picture.
The only missing feature of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is Turkish keyboard layout.
1. Two books are missing. 2. Lara Johnson was missing since 1999. Her body was found this month.
This drama is missing something. All it is is a simple cautionary tale with no real depth.
Carefully, the woman counted the money, and then said, "But you're still missing the 0.99."
Some men are slained, others wounded, others reported missing in action.
On Jul 18th Mark/Space released an updated version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for the Mac OS X.