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takas in English:

1. trail trail

I trailed my hand in the water as the boat moved along.
I trailed a suspect.
Let's follow the trails.
Suddenly he found a footprint on the trail.
a forest/mountain trail; a walking/snowshoeing/cross-country skiing trail; also: Presidential candidates were on the campaign trail in Mississippi yesterday.
The fat boy trailed behind the group breathing heavily.
The trail led over Boulder Pass before descending to a lake
Can't you take your shoes off? Look at this trail of muddy footsteps!
Are the trails well marked?
trailing a wheelie suitcase
The trail of blood led to the slaughterhouse. The detective is on the trail of the murderer.
My team was trailing by two goals to one.
If I were a cowboy I would trail you
However, we are not only planning to go on long hikes but also climb as there are a lot of interesting climbing trails for mountaineers in the Tatras.
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