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1. weather weather

What's the weather like?
On cloudy days, you can hear distant sounds better than in clear weather.
Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.
The weather is more changeable in mountain regions than in any other district.
Tom asked Mary what the weather had been like while he was away.
Tom usually watches the weather report in the morning before leaving home.
It looks like we're in for some nasty weather.
Tomorrow's weather should be sunny with occasional rain.
Father was in a bad mood since he couldn't play golf because of bad weather.
During warm weather, sweating helps man regulate his body temperature.
Thanks to the nice weather, we were able to harvest all of the crops in a day.
The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.
Hot weather will continue, so please watch out for food poisoning.
Companies with diversified holdings tend to weather economics shocks better.
Talk about the weather, the food at the party or your favorite drink.

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2. air air

Air is invisible.
People who regularly work in the open air do not suffer from sleeplessness.
The Army Air Corps, which became the U.S. Air Force, began in 1918.
Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.
Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.
Hers was a nervous disease, and a change of air was an urgent need.
Thai Air celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
An F-14 is a U.S. Air Force plane.
Evaporation from oceans, lakes, and rivers creates 90% of the water in air.
Incidentally, this room doesn't have anything like an air conditioner. All it has is a hand-held paper fan.
President aired his views on the war. The professor aired his controversial opinions and got fired.
There was an air of stress during the landing. She had an air of quiet confidence. I couldn't bear the air of anger and jealousy.
I'm thinking of going somewhere for a change of air, since my doctor advises me to.
Air, like food, is a basic human need.
If I go by air one more time, I'll have flown in an airplane five times.

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