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buvęs in English:

1. been

I've been there already.
The death penalty has been done away with in many states in the USA.
Our task has been easy so far, but it will be difficult from now on.
All I can think about is next month's vacation. I haven't been on one in so long.
If we were supposed to talk more than listen, we would have been given two mouths and one ear.
The point of true mutual understanding has not yet been reached between Japan and China.
We've been through a rough patch, but I hope it will have made us stronger.
During the past several years, many Japanese have been either killed or injured while traveling overseas.
A collection of her verses has just been published.
My two-year-old won't eat some of the healthy food I've been trying to feed him.
I know how to solve the problem, but I've been asked not to tell you.
There's been an accident. A man is hurt. He's bleeding badly.
Almost the only time a fat man loses his temper is when he has been deprived of his food.
There have been a lot of complaints from consumers that our products don't last as long as we claim.
Although most islands in the ocean have been mapped, the ocean floor is generally unknown.

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