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areštas in English:

1. attachment

Would you please send me details of your products via e-mail as an attachment?
I’m sending an attachment with this email.
Mark and Jack are always fighting but I'm sure they really feel attachment to each other.
All he did for her was a visible sign of attachment.
I have installed Microsoft Office on my personal computer, so please use its file format when you send me the attachment.
The human mind is never better disposed to gratitude and attachment than when softened by fear.
Please find attachment scheme section.
my computer won't open the attachment
Please see the attachment.
I couldn't open the attachment that you sent with your e-mail.
In attachment is files
The vacuum cleaner has special attachments for curtains.
All vacuum cleaners have a variety of different attachments that affect the use of the suction.
Always remember to attach attachments.
As I don't have the software that matches the attachment, I cannot open the file. Please resend it in another format.