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apimtis in English:

1. coverage

Some 34 million Americans have no health coverage at all.
Do you think BBC is objective in their coverage?
coverage of the Olympics
The TV will show the complete coverage of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
My insurance coverage is too limited, so I guess I'll just have to live with my arm bones jutting out of my skin.
Your top does not provide enough midriff coverage, young lady.
Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."
Do you think one can believe what's written in the newest coverage of Prime Minister's amendments?
to purchase this coverage
What types of coverage are available?
That is now about $11,000 a year for family coverage.
The coverage of this radio is very poor.
There was a lot of news coverage around the world about the case.
Mobile phone coverage is improving all the time, as more and more people use mobile phones.
The squadron encountered an ambush and scrambled for coverage.

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