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1. wounds wounds

Time heals all wounds.
Wounds heal as time passes.
In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.
The divorce left the man with emotional wounds.
It will take time for him to recover from his wounds.
Cut that out. You're just rubbing salt in the poor guy's wounds.
Many soldiers suffered terrible wounds in the battle.
These hot springs possess properties for healing wounds.
They have decided to put aside old wounds.
The tiger, having had its wounds treated, was returned by the villagers to the animal sanctuary without incident.
In the days of the knights, they wore shields to protect themselves from sword-fight wounds.
He who wounds by the sword, dies by the sword.
For all their serious wounds, all of them were in good spirits.
Mr T (19 years old) avoided conviction for murder, but was found guilty of grievous bodily harm for having intentionally caused wounds.
The tongue wounds more than a lance.