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spaventoso in English:

1. fearsome

When Ian dressed up as Dracula for Halloween his fearsome appearance frightened all the children.
Galina Polunina seems about as fearsome as Dasha,
he current situation is therefore our most powerful ally, but it could also be our most fearsome adversary.
a fearsome display of violence
It is fearsome that there were no witnesses.
... is pictured with the" fearsome foursome."

English word "spaventoso"(fearsome) occurs in sets:

CAE 626 - 650

2. spooky

This is spooky
She told us a spooky story.
spooky stories
That is one spooky story to tell a traveller.
I dreamt I saw a ghost last night – it was a really spooky dream.
Everybody was afraid to walk along the spooky dark street at night.
He lives in a spooky old house.
It was a spooky coincidence.
I bet this place is really spooky late at night.
Who want to go to a spooky old house?
I wish you have a spooky time on Halloween.