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prendere in prestito in English:

1. to borrow to borrow

I'd like to borrow £5,000 and I was wondering if your bank could help me.
I need to borrow some money from my parents.
I'm going to the library to borrow books.

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2. check out check out

We should check out before noon.
Can somebody check out who is at the door?
check out of your room at 10 a.m
Well, you'd better check out his sister.
I check out a state of oil in a car
We have to check out of the hotel by 10 a.m.
These days, you do not need to see through those peepholes to check out who is at the door ringing your doorbell.
When did you check out?
You have to check out at 7 if you want to catch the plane at 9.
to examine something or get more information about it in order to be certain that it is true, safe, or suitable: We'll need to check out his story.
Let’s go and check out this new Chinese place tonight.
You should check out The Museum of Bad Art.
I'd like to check out
Don't check her out, she's my girlfriend! Hey, check out this car! / I've checked out and asked for the bill.

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