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gattino in English:

1. kitten kitten

Newspapers and television stations around the world told the story of Koko and her kitten.
The kitten rolled the yarn across the floor.
The tiger cub looked like a large kitten.
The kitten wanted in.
Did she hurt that kitten?
I love kittens.
He took delight in teasing the kitten.
A cute kitten can make a giggling mess even out of the most severe übermensch.
Every day grandfather and grandmother gave the kitten plenty of milk, and soon the kitten grew nice and plump.
Our cats had a litter of six kittens.
Reporter: Did you buy her a kitten?
But if you put the kitten between the whales, he'll be warm.
She found two gorgeous kittens in the street.
A kitten is a young cat
I will care for your kitten during your absence.