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आदर करना in English:

1. come up to come up to

The play didn't come up to expectations.
The book didn't come up to my expectations all. The film was far better.
1. I feel that I will never come up to your expectations. 2. This apartment comes up to the standards. 3. This house will never come up to our old one. 4. This film didn't come up to the last one.
He failed to come up to his parents' expectations.
I finally come up to my boss and told him I quit!

English word "आदर करना"(come up to) occurs in sets:

phrasal verb

2. look up to look up to

I look up to my parents very much.
I really look up to my teacher.
I really look up to him
He’s a role model for other players to look up to.
I look up to my brother. I always listen to what he says.
She used to look up to him
Magdalena always needed someone to look up to and imitate. I wish she were more self-reliant.
I look up to my mum
I look up to my mother.
Teenagers look up to their idols.
I always look up to my older brother
Boys often look up to footballers.