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vuelo in English:

1. flight flight

Enjoy your flight.
Ultimately, space flight will be beneficial to all mankind.
Flight 101 from Paris arrived one hour ahead of time.
Lindbergh's solo nonstop transatlantic flight was a remarkable accomplishment.
For delayed flights, seasonal adjustments are made on the basis of the original flight date and so refunds of air-mile difference will not be made.
Flight number is JL123, on August 23 for Tokyo.
Pentagon officials won't say when the problem turned up and refused to discuss details about the flight.
Boeing's safety experts have joined others in the industry to form an international task force to try to eliminate one particular kind of air crash known as controlled flight into terrain, CFIT.
Book your flight early as it fills up quickly during Christmas.
The company's analysis shows that in over 60% of all accidents in the past ten years, the behavior of the flight crew was the dominant cause.
On a long flight you should get up every once in a while to stretch your legs.
When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's CFIT.
In our system, whether you’re detained or free, pending trial is not a matter of how dangerous you are or how much of a flight risk you pose.
Fighter jets were scrambled to intercept an airliner that deviated from its flight path.
She looked at her flight of cranes hanging from the ceiling, which her brother Masahiro had hung there for her.

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