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1. to return

He returns to Athens.
I would like to return this shirt. I tried it on at home and it is too small.
I'd like to return this skirt.
They have just returned from a mission
When will you return home?

Basic Verbs - Verbos Básicos

2. Go back

Let's go back to 2006
That restaurant was lovely - I'm going back there again.
The records in the office go back ten years
When are you going back to Madrit?
When are you going back to New York?

activity vocab

3. to come back

I came back late and I just wanted to go to bed.
My mother usually comes back from work at about 5 p.m.
What time do you usually come back from work?
When are you coming back?
When she finally came back from work, she was exhausted.

In the City - En la Ciudad

4. turn back

The weather became so bad that they had to turn back.
Walter realised that he had forgotten to disconnect the iron so he turned back.
We should turn back
We should turn back.
after two days we had no money and had to turn back.

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