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1. blundering

He is a blundering idiot!

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2. clumsy

[adjective] - lacking grace in movement or manner
a clumsy remark
przykład ze słówkieWhy are you being so clumsy?! You've broken my favourite cup!)m
to have clumsy fingers

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3. awkward

it was an awkward question
something that is awkward is difficult to deal with. If somewhere is awkward to get to, it is difficult to find or involves taking several different sorts of transpoirt
t's an awkward ​corner, so take it ​slowly. Some of the ​questions were ​rather awkward. It was an awkward ​ascent, but we ​reached the ​top ​eventually. [+ to infinitive] My car's ​quite awkward to ​drive.
this could get a bit awkward

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