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severo in English:

1. grim grim

What happened? Why are you so grim?
The outlook is grim.
It's a grim world.
Marcia looked grim when I told her the story.
- Is this your first time in the north, Your Grace? I'm sure it's very grim after King's Landing.
From the doctor's grim expression, it was clear he had somber news for the patient.
In this line of work, if you make a grim face the customers won't come.
grim economic news When he lost his job, his future looked grim.
Should you prevail he offers in a grim addendum.
A grim girl on the third floor.
a grim-looking block of flats
The expression on his face was one of grim determination.
That is a bit grim, isn't it?
By the grim look on my boss' face, I knew it was going to be bad news
undoubtedly the grimmest part of him was his iron claw

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2. strict strict

I got it through my head that my parent's strict rules were for my own benefit.
stricter control
Produced to strict organic standards.
Strict security measures were in force.
Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.
Belinda tried strict diets, grueling exercise routines, and some sort of esoteric New Age detox, all amounting to nothing--she had curves, and that was that.
A strict father makes his children toe the line by thorough training.
Early American colonists often had extremely strict work ethics inspired by their unique take on Christianity.
I have amongst my relatives, a single one who sincerely lives righteously, has strict principles and pursues an ideal, but all my other relatives speak ill and make fun of him.
The wealthy, self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict, ascetic life led by members of some monastic orders.
My ​parents were very strict with me when I was ​young. The ​school is an ​old-fashioned ​institution with strict ​discipline.
I think many pupils prefer teachers to be strict because there are fewer problems with discipline.
Jamie loves meat but his wife is a strict vegetarian.
strict rules/regulations
In the strict sense of the term, a true democracy has never existed, and never will exist. It is against natural order that the great number should govern and that the few should be governed.

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