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semáforo in English:

1. semaphore semaphore

They dubbed their invention the “telegraph,” though nowadays all the early visual transmission systems are referred to as optical telegraphs, and this particular version is called a semaphore telegraph.

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2. traffic lights traffic lights

Wait for the traffic lights to turn green before you continue driving.
When cars stop at the traffic lights, some cyclists continue forward.
Turn right after the traffic lights.
the traffic lights is in front of the bank
to wait at the traffic lights
Stop at the traffic lights.
You can never write text messages when driving, even when you stop at traffic lights.
To get to the library go right at the traffic lights
Stop if the traffic lights are red.
There was a bad crash at the traffic lights because one driver didn’t stop when they were red.
He slowed down when he saw the traffic lights ahead.
My house is just after the traffic lights, on the left.
When I want to go to Kaufland, I must stop at the traffic lights and I must wait for the green light.
The traffic lights turned green as we approached the junction.

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3. lunate lunate

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