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ingresar in English:

1. to enter or join to enter or join

2. input

Any input would be appreciated!
Please input your PIN number.
What's your input into this work?
Test results can be inputted by the technician in the laboratory.
The input method also works with this version.
It is beyond the scope of this paper to argue the input theory in detail.
If we omit critical inputs...
The signal being fed through the main input.
Her specialist input to the discussions has been very useful.
her input was minimal
Now open up the spreadsheet and input the new figures.
I didn't have much input into the ​project (= the ​help I gave was ​small).
Parents should have some input into what their children are doing at school.
What the computer produces depends on the input.
Your Unikey Vietnamese Input Method download will start shortly.

English word "ingresar"(input) occurs in sets:

computer science

3. sign in

First of all you have to sign in at reception.
First of all you have to sign in at reception