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hoja in English:

1. blade blade

The blade is Valyrian steel, the handle dragonbone.
I think you should sharpen the blade.
What are knife-blades usually made of? Knife-blades are usually made of metal.
blade - a thin, wide part of a machine used to push air or water
wiper blade
The knife has a keen blade.
What is this blade for?
Jack is some blade.
I didn't know he's a blade.
Be careful with the blade
The blade was very sharp.
‘The knife was like a pocket knife, but bigger, the blade was still sharp.’
Throw my head on a blade
The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

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2. leaf leaf

A dead leaf fell to the ground.
He is shaking like a leaf.
A fallen leaf floated on the surface of the water.
Meg found a four leaf clover.
My son doesn't talk back these days; he must have turned over a new leaf.
The worst thing about the fall is the leaf peepers.
Take a leaf out of his book.
Like a leaf in the autumn breeze.
The trees began to come into leaf.
Because they are so rare, a four-leaf clover brings good luck if you can find one.
When the last leaf falls, I must go, too.
I'm going to order a mixed-leaf salad.
... in the pigments of leaf cells as they age.
a leaflet
The leaf closes and traps the insect.

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3. leaf's leaf's

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