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foto in English:

1. photo

Excuse me, but let me have another look at the photo.
To take a photo, all you need to do is to press this button.
Tom digitized an old family photo and emailed it to his mother.
She can't bring herself to throw away photo albums filled with memories of him.
When you're beginning to look like the photo in your passport, you should go on a holiday.
In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have posted that photo in my blog.
to take photos
Just press the button and a clear photo will be produced by the latest technology.
Add A Sparkle Trail To A Photo
The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.
I found a photo of us when we were children.
Father won first prize in the photo contest and was in high spirits.
Imogen of the Internet, having seen Flickr's entire photo collection, will never take the scenic route again.
From the coffee table photo book to the bathroom factoid anthology to the bedside escapist novel, American literature is designed to match the furniture.
This is a copy of a photo of a painting. I guess that makes it a third level simulacrum.