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exquisito in English:

1. exquisite exquisite

The tourists were fascinated with the exquisite scenery.
This soup is exquisite.
exquisite waterfalls
... know how to build exquisite detectors that can listen...
The emotion they gave me was exquisite, but I could not preserve it, nor could I indefinitely repeat it; the most beautiful things in the world finished by boring me.
The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.
A rich wine list will provide an accompaniment to every exquisite dish and satisfy the palate of the connoisseur.
I love the exquisite taste of this wine.
I get the chance to eat the most wonderful, exquisite food.
They can't appreciate the art of exquisite dining.
exquisite joy, happiness, an exquisite piece of china Look at this exquisite painting She has exquisite taste.
Romanian ballerina Alina Cojocaru—an exquisite artist
the most exquisite French cuisine
She was no more than an exquisite baby of a woman!
To his valour he added a most exquisite genius and understanding, grandeur of mind, and a capacity equally turned for military or civil affairs.

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