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enojado in English:

1. angered angered

His actions greatly angered Mexican leaders.
My words angered her.

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2. angry angry

I'm angry.
Being angry, he loudly rattled the locked door.
When I forgot my promise, he got really angry.
If Tom's girlfriend knew he was here now, she'd be very angry.
No matter how angry he was, he would never resort to violence.
Mr. Suzuki is angry about Tom's prank.
The angry mob overturned cars and smashed storefront windows.
The story was a two-faced lie that she told you to make you angry with me.
The captain was so angry he refused to give the crew shore leave.
Something you should know about me is that when I get angry, I get quiet.
People throughout the north were angry.
The people of Massachusetts were extremely angry.
Tom ran as fast as he could to escape from the angry bear.
The angry citizens took action immediately.
If you disagree with him, he is liable to get angry.

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