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disfrazarse in English:

1. to put on a costume to put on a costume

2. dress up dress up

I’m going to dress up tonight.
You don't need to dress up for the party.
Is it going to be an informal party or do we need to dress up for it?
dress up for a party
Why did you dress up?
Should I dress up? There’s a meeting with a client in the afternoon,
It's a small informal party - you don't have to dress up.
Let's dress up as princesses.
1) It's an informal party so there's no need to DRESS UP. 2) Children love to dress up at Halloween.
Do we have to dress up for dinner, or can I wear jeans?
I like to dress up when we go out for meals.
This is a big event, I think you should dress up.
You don't need to dress up to go to the mall - jeans and a T-shirt are fine.
It's a fancy restaurant so we have to dress up.
maybe i will dress up as a nice girl. nobody recognise me.