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1. avail

The doctors' efforts to save the child were to/of no avail.
[noun] - use, advantage or profit
na próżno
without avail

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2. harness

We aim to do better at harnessing the skills and talents of our workforce.
You should harness your emotions, when the game is still going.
a set of strong, flat ropes that fasten equipment to your body or fasten you to a vehicle to prevent you from moving too much All climbers must wear safety harnesses and helmets.
harness the spirit of hobbyists and volunteers
użytkować, ujarzmiać

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3. seize

You need to seize every opportunity.
You should seize this opportunity.
seize more opportunities
seize the day. Janusz quickly seized the opportunity
“Marvelous,” said George, pushing Fred aside and seizing Harry’s hand in turn.

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4. to make the most of every minute

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