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aguantar in English:

1. put up with put up with

I can’t put up with my boss!
How do you put up with him? He's so irritating.
It's really important to come to work on time. The boss won't put up with tardiness.
we shouldn't put up with the way he treats us
There’s no wind; and the air is dry. It’s easier to put up with than a cold shower.
I don't think I'm going to put up with her complaining any longer.
James was often obnoxious but John put up with him; after all, close friends normally tolerate each other’s faults.
Have you ever had to put up with noisy people in a hotel?
How do you feel when you get stuck in a traffic jam and you have to put up with? I feel stressed out when I get stuck in a traffic jam and I have to put up with it.
but for who are prepared to put up with the lack of comfort in space, the view will definitely make up for the drawbacks
How can they put up with all these inconveniences?
I can put up with the rain - it's the cold I don't like.
How would you fell if you had to put up with a bossy workmate?
How do you put up with the noise of the traffic outside your bedroom window?
What's the worst thing in your daily life, or in your life generally, that you have to put up with?

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