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afortunadamente in English:

1. fortunately

Fortunately I was able to finish my work without any serious errors.
Fortunately none of the passengers were injured.
Fortunately, the fire was put out before it became too serious.
Fortunately, they escaped the danger.
I left home later than usual, but fortunately I was in time for the train.
Fortunately he didn't die in the accident.
Fortunately, my son quickly adjusted to life in his new school.
His leg was in critical condition, but fortunately it got better.
Fortunately he is in a good position and has broad shoulders.
Fortunately, everybody understood what this foreigner meant, knew I was only making a fool of myself, and laughed at me.
Fortunately, Kylie Minogue healed.
He wanted to go with me, but fortunately he changed his mind.
I was late, but fortunately the meeting hadn't started.
but fortunately we had our umbrellas."
We’ve got appropriate procedures in ths situation, fortunately

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